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I’ve just created a new website for us. Mozello is completely free and I found it easy to use.

Please take a look.

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Open Craft Day with Gadgets – 13 October 2020

Rachel makes use of the skein winder and wool winder.
The Guild owns a blending board and a drum carder for members to borrow.

Frances tells us about her ergonomic crochet hooks, and Nan critiques them. Click on arrows to view.

Some SHOW & TELL Items: Brenda’s knitted jumper and hat, Frances’ crocheted square for the upcoming blanket challenge, Esther’s sewn top from sales table fabric, Rachel’s hand spun silk and wool blend, shown before and after spinning, and Rachel’s hand spun and dyed yarn which she has started to knit.

At our next meeting we will be working on Temari Balls:

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Open Craft Day with Spinning, Archives updated – 29 September 2020

Thanks to a mammoth effort by Elizabeth over the last few months, the Onslow Fibrecrafts Guild archives have been beautifully assembled in an easy to read form.

There are three folders, with photos and other momentos, dated and labelled, and available for any members, present or future, to browse through.

Frances and Kay busy at their wheels. We had an’extra’ session, making use of the 5th Tuesday of September.

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Welington Creative Fibre Area Meeting – 22 September 2020

Onslow Fibrecrafts Guild hosted the Wellington Area Meeting.

Our new flag. Thanks to Glenis, Elizabeth and the rest of the committee for arranging this and to Elizabeth’s husband, Ray, for making the customised holder/stand.

Helen, the Wellington Area Delegate, chairs the meeting.

A good turn out…. click on arrows to view the slide show.

We celebrate Audrey’s 90 birthday. Elizabeth mans the Sales table.

The Travelling Suitcase was on display including Caroline’s Pot of Gold, a felted and embellished bowl full of “gold trinkets”.

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Quilting Demo – 8 September 2020

Suzanne and Elizabeth show us the quilting techniques they use.

Click the arrows to view the slide shows.

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Mask making and Project Bag demonstration – 25 August 2020

Suzanne demonstrated how she makes project bags, and Frances demonstrated the making of reusable fabric masks for virus protection. We had the opportunity to sew our own also.

Suzanne cuts the fabric using a roller cutter.

We watch closely as Suzanne shows us the steps.

Frances demonstrates how to sew a mask.

Flo and Tomoko make their own masks.

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Open Craft Day. 11 August 2020

Items on the Show and Tell table:

Frances’ rugs that she has assembled from various knitted and crocheted squares.

Rachel’s spinning, Glenis’s coiled pot, Kay’s knitted beanie and slipped stitch sample, Esther’s slipped stitch sampler, and Suzanne’s machine sewn oilskin backpack.

Here we are, gathered in the large hall.

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Colour Work in Knitting. 28 July 2020

Maureen taught a session on colour work. We focused on the slip stitch method.

Our pleasing results!
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Introduction to Basket Weaving, 14 July 2020

Caroline taught a session introducing us to coiled basket weaving. We used various materials including yarn, cabbage tree leaves, fabric and cord.

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2020 Program for Onslow Fibrecrafts Guild

Focus on Stash busting – using supplies we already have in more creative ways.

6 Aug    Evening Craft at Frances’s  7.30pm

11 Aug  Open Craft Day, visitors welcome from 10am  JCC Hall    9.30am

18 Aug  Professional Weavers Exhibition trip, at Pataka 10am

20 Aug  Evening Craft at Frances’s  7.30pm

25 Aug  Sewing project bags, and aprons Suz & Frances JCC Hall 9.30am

3 Sep     Evening Craft at Frances’s  7.30pm

8 Sep     Open Craft Day with quilting demo Eliz & Suz JCC Trust Rm  9.30am

17 Sep  Evening Craft at Frances’s  7.30pm

22 Sep  Area Meeting and Pot of Gold Suitcase + destash at JCC Hall  9.30am-12.30pm

29 Sep  Open Craft day, spinning encouraged JCC Trust Room  9.30am

8 Oct     Evening Craft  at Frances’s  7.30pm

13 Oct   Open Craft Day – bring interesting gadgets JCC Trust Rm  9.30am

20 Oct   View archives of Spinning, and weaving at   Te Papa 10am $20 Book with Glenis

27 Oct   Work onTemari Balls Eliz and Win’, and Pompoms Frances JCC Trust Rm 9.30am

5 Nov    Evening craft at Frances’s    7.30pm

10 Nov  AGM and Blanket Challenge at JCC Trust Rm      9.30am

19 Nov  Evening craft at Frances’      7.30pm

24 Nov  Accurate Repeat Dyeing with Fiona  poss at Frances’s TBC       

8 Dec     Christmas lunch at Khandallah Trading Company       midday $$

17 Dec  Evening craft party with music,  fun and games            Frances’s

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